In order to populate your Facebook groups and albums, POP needs to communicate with Facebook on your behalf.  In order to do this, you must authorize the application using your Facebook account.  The first time you log in to POP you'll see a blue "Login with Facebook" button near the Facebook group drop-down selector.  Just click the button and follow the prompts and you should be in business!

If you've already logged in with Facebook but things still aren't pulling up correctly you can try a few things:

             Be sure you have been made an admin in the group. Try to refresh your Facebook details by clicking the sync button under the Facebook login button.  If you have tried this and it is still not showing up, remove yourself as admin, refresh, readd, and refresh again.

  • Verify that there aren't any lingering Facebook login sessions in your web browser.  This problem is especially common on shared computers or if you have multiple Facebook accounts.  You should always make sure that you're signed in to your Facebook account before signing in to POP.  If you ever sign in to POP while also logged in to a different Facebook account (i.e. not the one that you use for your POP work) then POP will become very confused.
  • Try using a Google Chrome "Ingcognito Window".  This will guarantee that there aren't any weird interactions between different Facebook login sessions. Instructions here:
    • Note that if this clears things up for you then you'll probably want to create a dedicated Chrome profile for your POP work.  Using an Incognito Window is a diagnostic tool, not a permanent solution.
  • Use the nuclear option to make sure things are all cleared up.

If there is still a problem, contact