If you are having trouble getting your photos to post or getting your groups to list, you may need to check your Facebook permissions.  They might be off if you didn't grant all necessary permissions to PopItUp when you first authorized the app, for example.

You can also do the nuclear option for:

  • Linking to a new Facebook account
  • Changing users
  • Starting over with your permissions
  • Your groups/albums won't show up (but first click the tiny resync button above the groups drop down, or check your admin status)


1. Disconnect Social Account Connections
From your PopItUp Profile page (person icon in the top right corner), click Social Account Connections and remove all connections. 

2. Remove PopItUp from your Facebook apps

Visit your Facebook application settings and find the PopItUp app.  Click the "X" to remove the PopItUp app from your Facebook account.  Don't worry, we're going to add it right back in the next step.

3. Log Out of Facebook from PopItUp

It's crucial that you use the correct Log Out button to get this fixed.  Do not log out of PopItUp; do not log out of You need to click the Facebook "Log Out" button in PopItUp.  You can quickly find the button on your SmartPost Inventory page, as well as a few other places where you request actions to Facebook.  It looks like this on the SmartPost page: 

Once you've found the blue Facebook Log Out button, go ahead and click it to log out.

4. Log back in, and grant permissions.

You should now see that the Facebook Log Out button has turned in to a Log In button.  

Refresh your page once again for good measure and then click the Log In button:

The first screen will ask for your Facebook login info; go ahead and log in. 

After clicking Log In, you'll need to click through a few screens. 

Be sure you don't edit/change the permissions as they are presented. 

(In other words, don't use the "Edit This" button.)

Click "Continue as <Your Name>" here:

Next you'll be asked to grant permissions for PopItUp to post to Facebook for you.  

Make sure you click "Public" (unless all of your shoppers are your Friends on Facebook), then "OK".

Next it will ask you to allow PopItUp to have access to Groups you manage.  Make sure you click "OK".

Here's step 4 in screen capture: 

Finally, you can add your social connections again by clicking on your PopItUp Profile page and adding Social Account Connections.

Be sure to click the tiny resync button just below the blue Facebook login/out button to pull in any new information from Facebook to your PopItUp account. 

Once you do this, you should be all set.