Your PopItUp profile contains information about your personal account, but it also has info that’s visible to your shoppers.

Your email, profile picture, bio, and website are all public to help shoppers communicate with you and get to know your brand. Don’t miss this opportunity to link to your shopping page, website, blog or whatever url you want your shoppers using. We recommend a photo of you in your profile picture to add a personal touch--it’s not a large format, so a medium shot or head shot works great.

On the Profile page you can also adjust email preferences, update your billing information, check your POP bucks balance for shipping, change your account password, and check your social connections.

There’s also a section for shipping options. By selecting any of the shipping option boxes, your shoppers will be required to choose from the options you have checked in your profile when they claim an item. If you leave them all unselected, no shipping selection will be made by your shoppers.

Ninja Knowledge: Make sure you’ve set your timezone to your local time on the profile page. This makes certain that scheduled posts will begin processing when you expect.