Here are the steps for making your party pages private:

1. Navigate to the Parties page

2. Click on the three lines menu icon next to a party

3. Select "Edit Details"


4. Uncheck the "Public" to make the party private

5. Click Update

To share a Private page with your shoppers:

1. Share the party page URL with your shoppers by copying and pasting it from the Parties Page (just as you would with a public page). 

2. Instruct your shoppers to either login or create a Shopper account they can create an account with just one click using the Facebook button.

3.  Instruct your shoppers to click the "Request to Join" button. 


4. Approve your shoppers to join the party by navigating to the Parties page, clicking on the three-line menu icon, and clicking "Manage Approvals". 


5. Click on the "Approve" button next to each customers name or click the "Approve all" button to approve all pending requests.


6. Have your shoppers refresh their browser page or click on the party link again.