1. Click on your Parties tab on the left-hand side of your POP page. Click the green Create Party button. Create your new Party name and cover photo. You will also be able to decide if you would like to have your party open to public or private. You will also be able to decide if you would like the like the party to open and close at a certain time. 
    1. Setting your Party as non-public gives you more control over who can access your Party. Even though people cannot find your Party by guessing the URL (since it contains a random number, which makes the URL itself act sort of like a password), anyone can access a public Party as long as they have the link. With a non-public Party, users must request to join and wait for your approval before they can shop. You can manage these approvals by clicking the Menu button next to the Party name and selecting Manage Approvals. Setting your Party as non-public can be useful if you want to mediate approvals into this party (for VIP groups where you only want to allow certain people in, for example).
  2. You will then go to your Inventory page and select your items you would like to add to your new POP Party.
  3. From your Inventory page you can select your inventory, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Add to Party" from under the Party category. You will be given the option to select which Party to add to.  Select your Party and confirm. 
  4. You can then go to your Parties page and when you click on your Party you will be able to see what you have added.  
  5. Click on the clipboard button next to the name of your Party to copy the link that has been created for your Party. You can then paste it to share with your customers.  You can post this on Facebook, send in an email or text.