So what are these new "attributes" things? Attributes provide you with a way to associate arbitrary bits of information with your items. You can use attributes to customize items further than just style/size. You can define *any* attributes you want for your items, so get creative!

Some examples of attributes you could use:

Collection: Valentine's
Collection: 4th of July
Collection: Elegant
Pattern: Floral
Fabric: Wooley Mammoth
Country: USA
Color: Blue
Color: Green
etc. etc. etc.

Attributes are visible on the customer claim page, as well as the Inventory and Orders pages. Some other fun things you can do with attributes:

- Use the new {attributes} keyword in your Facebook message to have a list of item attributes inserted into the message.

- Use the table filter box to search for items with specific attributes. For example, if you only want to post your red leggings you could go to Inventory => type "Color: Red" in the search bar

You can add/edit attributes on the inventory add/edit screen, as well as from add inventory page. Attribute names and values are auto-completed based on previously used attributes.