Every month, our payment processor, BrainTree, automatically bills the credit card that you have on file for your monthly subscription to PopItUp.com.  If for some reason, BrainTree is unable to process your card or Paypal account on file, you will receive an email from us with the subject line: "PopItUp payment unsuccessful".  Within this email, there will be a link to your PopItUp.com account where you will be able to update your credit card on file.  Within 10 days our payment processor will automatically recharge the card that you have on file. If BrainTree is unable to charge your card for a second time, it will wait 10 additional days and recharge again.  If Braintree continues to be unsuccessful it will recharge your card on your monthly subscription billing date for the total balance due under your account. If we are unable to charge your account after repeated tries, we will suspend or delete the account until payment is received. 

Sometimes your bank or the card issuer will decline your card for reasons beyond our control. If you continue to have trouble with billing, please submit a ticket at support@popitup.com, and we'll look into the specific reasons that your card continues to be declined so that you can resolve the issue with your bank. 

On very rare occasions, BrainTree will have technical glitches charging your account.  If we are unable to charge your account due to a technical glitch, we will request that Braintree recharge the card that you have on file as soon as we are aware of the glitch to ensure that your services are not suspended.