With the Facebook update that occurred at the beginning of August 2018, Facebook has disabled photo deletion from all 3rd Party apps, including PopItUp. Facebook recently closed the bug report that was filed, and we do not expect that they will reinstate the ability to automatically delete photos. As a result, we have created and released a Chrome browser extension called Sonlet Facebook Photo Deleter that extends PopItUp to your browser and allows it to delete photos from Facebook automatically.

1. Add the Sonlet Facebook Photo Deleter to your browser from the Chrome Web Store by clicking "Add to Chrome" from here:

Sonlet Facebook Photo Deleter

The Chrome extension is available only for computer browsers. It is currently unavailable on mobile. 

Ensure that in your browser you are logged into the same Facebook profile as you connected to PopItUp for posting the photos. Ensure the same Facebook profile is connected to your PopItUp account when deleting the photos as was connected when posting the photos. 


You will still need to be an admin or moderator of the group you are deleting from.


Also, be sure the pictures are still showing in the Facebook group. If the albums have been deleted from the group, the photos will no longer be there. You will need to use the Facebook CleanUp to clear out the broken links to these photos, not the Photo Deleter. 

2. Go to your Inventory page if the items have not already been sold or the Orders page if the items have already been sold. Select the items you would like to be removed, and click "Delete Facebook Photos for Selected". 

3. It will then give you the option of the group you would like them removed from. Select and confirm. Do not close your browser or attempt to close the tabs that are opened to Facebook.  PopItUp will automatically open each picture in a different tab, then delete and close them. If you have a large number of photos you are deleting, this can take some time.