If your items are not posting as expected, your instinct may be to delete the items, and then post them again, clicking Post Now.  We strongly advise against this!

There are two high-level steps for uploading something to Facebook using POP:

  1. User schedules their posts for upload.
  2. When the items scheduled in (1) become "due for posting" (i.e. the time scheduled in (1) is less than the current time), the POP background worker finds them and uploads them to Facebook.

Note that "post now" and "post later" are exactly the same except in "post now" the "scheduled" post time is set to right now.  Specifically, step (2) is exactly the same whether you do "post now" or "post later".  The background worker doesn't even know which method you picked.

The background worker picks up items that are scheduled to post, and adds them to a lineup of all those who are set to post at that time.  

Note: The background worker is capable of posting all items in the queue, but is limited by the Facebook Rate Limiting Quota.  Facebook sets a posting quota of 200 items per hour per user. However, since not everyone spends the same amount of time on Facebook, it aggregates its quota based on the number of active users using a particular Application.  So, if there are 1,000 people using PopItUp, then PopItUp's hourly quota is 1,000 users X 200 items = 200,000 items per hour.  And we post as many of your items as we can within that quota.

If you cancel your queue, and try to post it again, you actually move your position to the end of the lineup.  This will delay your posts even further.