Almost all users will save money using Pay Per Label shipping labels, and all of our users will save time.  With most shipping label companies, they charge a flat subscription fee that is tiered by usage. Regardless of whether you send zero shipments or hundreds, you will pay the same subscription fee.  With PopItUp, you’ll only pay for the shipments that you send, so in the rare event that your sales in one month  exceed what you  might have paid in subscription fees that month, the next month, when you send less packages, you’ll save as much or more than you over spent the month before. We’ve designed our shipping labels feature to ensure that most shippers will save money every month and all of our users will save the time and hassle of downloading addresses, remembering another username and password, and re-uploading them into another piece of software to then download and print.

You can read more about PopItUp Shipping labels on our blog: 

USPS Shipping Labels from PopItUp

Save Time and Money Using PopItUp Shipping Labels