To change or edit attributes/values in your inventory, start by selecting the items you wish to change on your Manage Inventory page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Edit" button. A new view will open with thumbnail photos of all the items you are about to edit.

Click +ADD to attach a new attribute and value to the items selected. Choose from the menu or create new by typing and clicking the "create option _____" in the dropdown menu.

Ninja Knowledge: If you try to +ADD an attribute that already exists on an item, the attribute will be replaced with the new one.

You can also select attributes to remove from all the selected items on the right. Just click the check box to select it for removal. You can add and remove attributes in the same action, but only if they are not the same attribute(s). Each attribute in POP can only have one value associated with it per item. Another way to say it is each attribute can only be used once per item.  Attributes are always visible to shoppers on the claim item page. You can add all of the information in your attributes to a Facebook photo caption by including the text replacement command: {attributes} in your message text.

If you'd like to edit the name of an attribute or value, or delete an attribute or value altogether, go to the attribute settings page, click Rename or Delete next to the attribute or value that you'd like to change.