You can post inventory to Facebook using the Manage Inventory page or the SmartPost Inventory page. SmartPost will be covered separately and is best for posting your entire inventory quickly. The Manage Inventory page offers the ability to select items and post to Facebook with more customization and manual controls. First navigate to your inventory management page on PopItUp from your dashboard (upper left block) or by clicking the list icon on your sidebar menu. 

You’ll notice on the left, a “Refine by” menu which lists all the attributes you have assigned to items in your inventory. Clicking the plus box next to an attribute reveals all the values assigned to that attribute, and the number in parentheses shows how many items in your inventory have that value. If you click-select the checkbox next to a value, it tells PopItUp to only display items that match. If you click more than one checkbox, it will display all the items that match any of the checked values. You can use these ‘refine by’ checkboxes to create a specific list of items you want to post to facebook.

Select the item you want to post by clicking to select, or by using the refine by lists to display a custom list and select all.


*Be sure the blue Facebook connection shows the choice to “log out” (meaning that you are currently logged in). 

*Click the sync button (square with spinning arrows) to make sure everything is up to date. 

*Click Group and select the Facebook group you want to post to; you must be an administrator for the group to show up (moderator doesn’t work). 

*In the Album drop down, select an existing album or choose to create a new album on facebook. To create a new album, give it a name and select a cover photo from your image library on POP or from your device. 

*Type the message you want displayed in the photo caption and be sure to check the FORMATTING HELP if you aren’t sure about the replacement text options.
Ninja Knowledge: In the message field, be careful with your formatting. All of the replacement text options are case sensitive. If you type {url} it will be replaced with the claim link. If you type {URL} it will post the text: {URL} and your customers won’t have a link to claim in the photo caption.

*Scroll to the bottom and select “Post to Facebook”

*Click “Post to Facebook now” to get your party started, or you can set a date and time for your items to post later by clicking “Schedule for posting to Facebook later”.
Ninja Knowledge: The default time is always the last time you scheduled. This is helpful for scheduling multiple listings, but be sure to double check that everything--including the date--is correct before you click post later.

You will see that the posted items all have links to the Facebook group, album, and the photo (once posted) in the Links column. Clicking these links takes you to Facebook where you can reply to sold comments and bump albums or photos to the wall.

You can watch the tutorial video here: Posting to Facebook

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.