After you've gathered your product photos, use “attributes” to define and describe your items.

Navigate to the Bulk Upload page one of two ways
1. From your dashboard, click the inventory box, and then the blue “+ADD INVENTORY” button:

2. Click the “Add Inventory” option in the sidebar menu under “Inventory”:

First, use any DEFAULT SETTINGS to apply the same information to all the photos in the set you’re going to upload.

Add any attribute and value you want to apply to all the items, for example: a group of all one style clothing item: "Style: Garden Dress", or a group of all lip colors "Product Type: Lip Color". The Default attributes for your company can be left without a value if they will be different for every item. For a custom attribute that will have different values for the items in your group of photos to upload, add the attribute with the value “undefined”; this would be for something like the color of your item or possibly a special edition designation--anything that doesn’t have the same value for the whole group: "Color: undefined" or "Special Edition: undefined". This will save you some clicks for each item since you'll only need to select the value, not the attribute and value. 

And don’t worry, you’ll be able to view and adjust everything before it’s uploaded.

Next grab the photos you want to upload by clicking the green +SELECT FILES button. Navigate to the folder with your photos and select them and click “open” to upload. You can click and locate files as many times as you want with new default settings each time. Alternatively, you can drag and drop any files you want to this box:

Once the photos have populated your Bulk upload page, you can scroll through and edit and check each item. Add, remove or change any attributes and values for each item. Adjust pricing and quantity as needed. You can add the item description as well for a more prosaic alternative to the attributes alone--descriptions can be used in your Facebook photo captions. The blue SAVE button in the bottom corner of each box allows you to save as you go, or if you prefer, use the SAVE ALL button above the first photo once everything is ready.

Ninja Knowledge: the attributes, description, and retail price (not wholesale) are visible when a shopper claims your item.

You can see it in action with the video tutorials here: 

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